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Aqua Shoes

Forget your Aqua Shoes, and try out Nakefit now! 


Nakefit is a new and innovative product! that allows you to be barefoot protected while on the beach, on rocky surfaces, by the pool or at the spa. Nakefit helps protect your feet hygienically and physically. Forget about the Hot sand or tar during the summer months while at the beach, or the rocky surfaces at the coast. What about all the germs and dirt that we worry about at the Pool or Spa.

Aqua shoe alternative

Nakefit gives you a perfect solution, that still allows you to be barefoot whilst still being protected. Forget your Aqua shoes which have the same inherent characteristics as a shoe, concealing your feet. Nakefit allows you the same experience barefoot, the adhesive nakefit pad conforms to the bottom of your feet and becomes one with your body, allowing you to enjoy your activities barefoot the entire day protected as nature intended! 



Forget those cumbersome slippers or aqua shoes! Enjoy the barefoot experience, while on the beach, the boat, spa or wellness centre and still feel protected hygienically and physically - Allow your feet to breath as nature intended!

NakeFit Aqua shoe alternative


Available in different Sizes: